Obama admin removes all battle tanks from Europe

Amidst the still-ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Obama administration is moving the last U.S. battle tanks from Germany and, thus, from Europe.

At the same time, the Pentagon also is disbanding two of the U.S. Army’s heavy brigades in Germany. Last year, the 170th Infantry out of Baumholder disbanded, while the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade at Grafenwöhr is in the process of doing the same.

Abram tank out of GermanyOne of 22 Abram battle tanks, bound for South Carolina, being loaded at the railhead in Kaisersalutern, Germany (photo by Alexander Burnett/U.S. Army). 

John Vandiver reports for Stars and Stripes, April 4, 2014, that the U.S. Army’s 69-year history of basing main battle tanks on German soil quietly ended last month when 22 Abrams tanks, a main feature of armored combat units throughout the Cold War, embarked for the U.S.

On March 18, the remaining tanks were loaded up at the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s (TSC) railhead in Kaiserslautern where they then made the journey to the shipping port in Bremerhaven, Germany. There they boarded a ship bound for South Carolina.

“There is no [U.S.] tank on German soil. It’s a historic moment,” said 21st TSC spokesman Lt. Col. Wayne Marotto.

From World War II on through the Cold War, tanker units were a heavy presence in Germany. At its peak, Germany was home to 20 NATO armored divisions, or about 6,000 tanks, according to the 21st TSC.

In an Army story about the tanks, Sgt. Jeremy Jordan of the 529th Military Police Company said, “It is an honor to be one of the soldiers escorting the last battle tanks out of Germany. As these tanks sail back to the U.S., we are closing a chapter in history.”

The vacating of the battle tanks from Germany and their transport to South Carolina prompted Dave Gibson of Examiner.com to observe that “all of this occurs amid Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea, and their ongoing invasion of Ukraine. It is obvious that Russian President Vladimir Putin is well on his way to reconstructing the former Soviet Union, it is equally obvious that neither Europe nor the United States is going to lift a finger to stop him.”

Gibson wonders if “there may be more to this move than simply leaving our decades-old ally unprotected and vulnerable to an invasion from the East.”

He writes:

Given Obama’s penchant for bending over backwards to accommodate illegal aliens and drug smugglers entering this country from Mexico, it is safe to assume that our fearless (Dear) leader is not planning on sending the tanks to border.

No, it is much more likely that Obama is planning to suspend the Posse Comitatus Act and deploy these tanks (along with the 2,700 MRAPs [Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles] already purchased by the Dept. of Homeland Security) on U.S. soil when he finally declares martial law.

Don’t be surprised when the Bundy ranch is surrounded with heavy armored brigades, but by then, it will be too late to do anything about it.

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UPDATE (Aug. 28, 2014):

Nearly 5 months after Star & Stripes’ report of the Obama administration moving the last remaining battle tanks from Europe, the administration has reversed its prior decision. See “Obama admin moves battle tanks back into Europe as Russian troops invade Ukraine.”


31 responses to “Obama admin removes all battle tanks from Europe

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    That means the United States, henceforth, will not be able to fight a land war in Europe.


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    GyG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Great. What’s next, free pot for all troops in Europe?


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  5. freddiemoore2014

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  6. I have only questions. Is this a sign of leaving Germany, if not Europe to fight for itself, in large part because of their unwillingness to join us in confrontation with Russia? Of course, that will lead to loss of power of the $ as a world reserve currency, but we are being led there anyways by historical levels of greed and corruption leading to our destruction. Is it because Germany wants us to leave? Why would they want to be an easy object for Russian attack and destruction for US interests? If we continue to goad a relatively peaceful Russia, will that lead to devastating results for us (and Russia)? How incompetent and arrogant can we be to think that we can do everything we want without eventual catastrophic consequences?


  7. This fits right in with his pulling all Apache attack helicopters from all the State National Guard units…

    …can’t have those militia units adequately armed now, can we?


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  9. Thank you StMA for this incredible post. Clearly, the timing in this matter is intended and has been planned. Why would the king do this now, given Russia’s most recent tyrannical actions? After 69 years, the tanks are now completely out of Germany, in order to more fully effect the king’s agenda for America’s colonial destiny.


  10. Eric Muetterties

    Maybe it is because Germany wanted their gold back and this is the punishment for asking it to be returned…


  11. Obama has decided to abandon Europe to his buddy Putin as Putin continue the effort to restore the Russian Empire, (not communism, just the pre 1919 Russian Empire under a new name.) He knows that the isolationist element in the USA is at its highest level since 1941. And Obama is determined to avoid another Pearl Harbor by ensuring that American troops will not became casualties while trying to defend Europe.

    What does it mean for Europe? Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova will be absorbed by Russia in 2015. The main action will take place after the mid-term elections to avoid a Republican takeover of the Senate. The Baltic states will be absorbed in 2016-17. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland and Romania will be taken over or forced to accept Quisling governments and disarmament in 2018-9 with the cooperation of Hillary Clinton. Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden and Bulgaria will be put under Russian domination in 2021-2. France, Benelux and Italy in the late 2020’s.

    This may be an optimistic schedule (for Putin), Economic difficulties may slow the schedule down so Europe may not be fully under Russian control until 2030-35. But the dominos could fall faster once a sense of inevitability kicks in.

    As for the allegation that Obama will use Main Battle Tanks (MBT) against Bundy or other anarchist/militia groups, that is absurd. The anarchists don’t have much in the way of artillery, anti-aircraft or anti-tank weapons. Obama will use Bradley, Stryker’s, MRAP and similar armored personnel carriers (APC) against the militias. Using MBT would create an unfavorable public image, which even his lapdog mass media would be reluctant to support.


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  13. Thia has to do with Obama’s turning the country into a Socialist Society ! ahe wants to get every country in the world into that type if Situation ! That would be his intent and then the US Dollar would no longer be the World’ currency ! leaves our money worth less everywhere ! He has already has!devalued the dollar to be worth 49 cents and that leaves our accounts worth less ! We are going broke thanks to the manipulations of our worthless president !


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  15. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    I missed this when it came out, re-posted as prove that the dismantlement of the US military is why the bad guys are acting up!


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