Dir. of US Navy Intelligence: Chinese Navy in drills to take Senkaku and invade Okinawa


From Taiwan’s Want China Times of April 15, 2014:

China has the ability to deploy 2,000 troops to the disputed Diaoyutai islands (Diaoyu to China, Senkaku to Japan) in just five hours using its four Zubr-class air-cushioned landing craft purchased from Russia, according to an Apr. 2 report in the Wall Street Journal.

A Zubr-class landing craft. (Internet photo)

A Zubr-class landing craft

Although Lieutenant General John Wissler, the commanding general of the US Marine Corps in Okinawa, says that the United States is capable of wiping out invading Chinese forces without mobilizing ground forces, Western military experts have begun to question whether Washington and Tokyo are capable of defending Okinawa from a potential PLA invasion.

A single Zubr-class landing craft can transport 500 soldiers and 150 tonnes of equipment.

The Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, deployed by the US in Okinawa, is four times faster than the Zubr-class landing craft; however, it would still be unable to stop a full-scale Chinese invasion of the islands because a single tiltrotor aircraft is only able to carry 24 combat personnel and six tonnes of equipment, according to the paper.

According to the Tokyo-based Diplomat magazine, if the islands were to be taken by the PLA, the next likely step would be for China to launch another invasion against Okinawa.

James Fanell, director of the US Navy’s Intelligence and Information Operations told the magazine that the PLA Navy has been carrying out amphibious assault drills to practice taking territory in the East China Sea in a “short sharp war” against Japan aimed at reasserting their claim over Diaoyutai. If the uninhabited islands came under Chinese control, the PLA could then attack Okinawa to remove the facilities of the US Air Force and Marine Corps from the island, according to Fanell.

Major General Zhu Chenghu, dean of China’s National Defense University, told the state-run Global Times that statements from US secretary of defense Chuck Hagel and Wissler suggest that Washington has decided to side with Tokyo on the issue. “The threat of China has always been used by the United States as an execuse to deploy more of its troops to East Asia,” Zhu said.

Update (Nov. 15, 2014):

Capt. Fanell has been removed from his post as director of Navy Intelligence. See “Dir. of U.S. Navy Intelligence sacked for warning about China’s aggressive plans in East China Sea“.


12 responses to “Dir. of US Navy Intelligence: Chinese Navy in drills to take Senkaku and invade Okinawa

  1. This is another case of the Obama maladministration talking loudly and carrying a wet noodle. The obvious response is for the US and Japan to station a battalion of troops in the Senkaku islands with air support from Okinawa and/or the 7th Fleet. A single battalion might not stop a PRC invasion with 2000 troops but if would force the PRC to kill numerous American and Japanese soldiers to do so. I am a firm believer in “tripwire forces” to discourage aggressive nations. Tell Beijing, “You can conquer the Senkakus, but you will have to declare war on the USA and Japan to do so.”
    The Berlin Brigade served this function successfully for over 40 years. The USSR could have taken West Berlin any time it wanted to, but that would have been a declaration of war against NATO.

    The Osprey’s are irrelevant to the discussion unless we are going to use them to insert troops BEFORE an invasion.


    • Thank you, Dick, for your analysis. Obviously, this administration isn’t heeding your sensible counsel, which suggests Obama really has no intention of containing China or of honoring our mutual-defense treaty commitments with Japan. 😦


  2. Obama is visiting Japan next week. Let’s see the joint declaration…


  3. Thank you StMA for this important post. China and Russia are getting very comfortable with each other. Given their intended actions, the king should respond to this serious maneuver in a strong and effective manner. I think the timing of this endeavor is also significant, as China and Russia both know that the king has a goal of destroying our country. Hence, since we have extremely weak leadership intentionally, given the king’s agenda, the timing is right to unabashedly address Okinawa and potentially other important areas.


  4. Another effort to threaten Taiwan.


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  6. Why is everyone so eager to defend Japan? Shinzo Abe wants US troops pull out in 5 years time. Are you going to fight WW III just to get another 5 years lease over there?
    BTW, it is a culture blind spot for many people to think Japan is an ally of US. Naturally, it is an eternal enemy! Only morons need explanation as why.


  7. If US troops don’t get out, they would be kicked out by Japan. This has been going on for many years. In fact, many prime ministers in Japan wanted US troops out. Abe is no exception.
    Now Japan has long range missiles, plus, as many people believe they get come up with their own nukes in a few months, would be fully capable of standing up against US. They have now, already, that is why TPP would not go through. Obama went there in person, so what!
    If US is dumb enough to start WW III, that would give Japan a perfect chance to get its long waited revenge for what US did in WW II, that is brutally disrupted its imperial dream, because once US is crippled in the war, it would not be able to stand up against the follow-on attacks from Japan.
    Who are trustworthy allies, and who is the eternal foe? That is the most critical question for anyone who wants to argue as a strategist.


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