Most U.S. troops, vets would steer kids away from service

In just 7 years, Obama has thoroughly corrupted the greatest military in the world — by purging officers, driving Christians away, using the military as a playground for sex and gender social engineering, and cuts in military budget and benefits. The latter is not about the economy or the national debt. If it were, Obama wouldn’t be throwing open our country’s doors to illegals across our southern border, and to Muslim “refugees” and “migrants” from the Middle East.

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3 responses to “Most U.S. troops, vets would steer kids away from service

  1. “Most U.S. troops, vets would steer kids away from service”

    This is excellent news.


    • Actually not. With less than 1% of our population serving now (unlike 11% during World War II) children of current military people are the primary bunch from which future recruits come. Everyone else doesn’t know anyone who serves and feel it’s “someone else’s job” (taking security for granted) anymore and don’t join.


  2. i concur with the Anonymous comment about the ‘someone elses job’ psychology that allows the wars to continue because as you might imagine, the cannon fodder pushed into the uniforms to die in these khazarian fomented wars for Israel, are the poorer lower class sheeple who would otherwise have been joined by rich wealthy conscripts if a draft actually were just and fair which it never was. so a draft also doesn’t do away with this reality either, just creates the illusion that everyone is in the skin game when it’s just the poor lower class who really bear the brunt and sacrifice for the rich.


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