Russian troops are in Syria to help Assad regime

And since the Obama administration is allied with and actively helping (arming and training) the jihadis who are fighting against Assad, that means Syria may become a Russia vs. USA battleground.

map of Syria

Reuters reports, Sept. 9, 2015:

Russian forces have begun participating in military operations in Syria in support of government troops, three Lebanese sources familiar with the political and military situation there said on Wednesday.

The sources, speaking to Reuters on condition they not be identified, gave the most forthright account yet from the region of what U.S. officials say appears to be a new military buildup by Moscow, one of President Bashar al-Assad’s main allies, though one of the sources said the numbers of Russians involved so far were small.

Two U.S. officials said Russia has sent two tank landing ships and additional aircraft to Syria in the past day or so and has deployed a small number of naval infantry forces.

The U.S. officials, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said the intent of Russia’s military moves in Syria remained unclear. One of the officials said initial indications suggested the focus was on preparing an airfield near the port city of Latakia, an Assad stronghold.

The moves come at a time when forces of Assad’s government have faced major setbacks on the battlefield in a four-year-old multi-sided civil war that has killed 250,000 people and driven half of Syria’s 23 million people from their homes.

Syrian troops pulled out of a major air base on Wednesday, and a monitoring group said this meant government soldiers were no longer present at all in Idlib province, most of which slipped from government control earlier this year.

Moscow confirmed it had “experts” on the ground.

But Russia has declined to comment on the exact scale and scope of its military presence in Syria. Damascus denied Russians were involved in combat, but a Syrian official said the presence of experts had increased in the past year.

Officials in the United States, which is fighting an air war against the Islamist militant group Islamic State in Syria and also opposes Assad’s government, have said in recent days that they suspect Russia is reinforcing to aid Assad.

Washington has put pressure on countries nearby to deny their air space to Russian flights, a move Moscow denounced on Wednesday as “international boorishness”.

Moscow’s only naval base in the Mediterranean is at Tartous on the Syrian coast in territory held by Assad, and keeping it secure would be an important strategic objective for the Kremlin.

Two of the Lebanese sources said the Russians were establishing two bases in Syria, one near the coast and one further inland which would be an operations base.

“The Russians are no longer just advisors,” one of them said. “The Russians have decided to join the war against terrorism.”

Another of the Lebanese sources said that so far any Russian combat role was still small: “They have started in small numbers, but the bigger force did not yet take part … There are numbers of Russians taking part in Syria but they did not yet join the fight against terrorism strongly.”

The Syrian official said: “Russian experts are always present but in the last year they have been present to a greater degree.”

[…] In the latest major battlefield setback, state television reported government troops had surrendered an air base in northwestern Syria to a rebel alliance after nearly two years under siege.

The loss of the base meant the last government troops had now withdrawn altogether from central Idlib province, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group that monitors the conflict.

[…] Russia says the Syrian government must be incorporated into a shared global fight against Islamic State. The United States and Assad’s regional foes see him as part of the problem.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Moscow would consider additional military measures needed for fighting terrorism in Syria if it deemed them necessary.

A senior U.S. official said on Saturday Washington had detected “worrisome preparatory steps,” including transport of prefabricated housing units for hundreds of people to a Syrian airfield, that could signal that Russia is readying deployment of heavy military assets there.

[…] Rebel sources said the Nusra Front had played a leading role in the capture of the airport. Nusra is part of a coalition of Islamist groups called the Army of Conquest which has seized most of Idlib province this year.

Note: Nusra is a branch of Al Qaeda, which former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus proposes that the U.S. arm to fight against ISIS. See “Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus wants U.S. to arm Al-Qaeda

Another major base east of Aleppo, Kweiris, is currently besieged by ultra hardline Islamic State militants.

Nusra Front made gains in northwestern Syria alongside other insurgent groups since May, seizing the city of Idlib, the town of Jisr al-Shughour and moving closer to coastal areas vital to government control of western Syria.


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  2. This is simply another patch in the quilt of the Obama administration’s foreign policy. Everyone was aware that the Russians and the Iranians were involved in the survival of Assad’s Bath regime. It is part of Iran’s plan to dominate the Middle East–and essential to Moscow’s defense in depth. Putin made very clear, early on, that he would construct a defense in depth for Russia. One was given ample evidence of Russia’s security interests in Ukraine. We had no reason to believe that Moscow would allow Assad’s regime to fall to Islamic State. Our response has been totally inadequate. Resistance to the forces of the Islamic State has been both inconsistent and ineffectual. The consequence has been the collapse of effective resistance and the consequent refugee crisis in Europe–and the inevitable support for Assad from Iran and Russia. If Russia chooses to equip Assad’s forces with the sophisticated antiaircraft missiles it has at its disposal, aircraft activity in Syria will be conducted only at great risk. What we are awaiting is the final culmination of the crisis we created in Libya–the result of our sponsored murder of Gaddafi. We were saved from total catastrophe in the region by the aggressive response from the Egyptian military to the reality of rule by the Muslim Brotherhood (we objected to the reactive response as “anti-democratic”). With the residual Arab states seeking to resist both Iran, Russia, and the terrorist forces that are running riot throughout the region–we have absolutely no strategic plans for protecting our, or their, interests. So much for our “new, comprehensive, diplomatic strategy,” that was intended to make us acceptable to the peoples of the sand countries.

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  3. Let’s hear it for Putin, the Last Crusader.
    Deus vult
    Obama is no Saladin. He is a coward, a moron and a Muslim

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    “The board is set… the pieces are moving” -Gandalf, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.


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