FBI alert: Middle-Eastern males intimidate family members of U.S. military personnel at their homes

On July 2, 2015, U.S. Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Denver Divison, issued an “activity alert” on “Middle-Eastern Males Approaching Family Members of US Military Personnel at their Homes In Colorado and Wyoming, as of June 2015.”

The source is “An officer of another law enforcement agency.”

FBI alert

The FBI alert in PDF format is online here. Denise Simon of NoisyRoom.net wrote about and posted the link to the alert.

Below is the alert in its entirety:

(U//FOUO) In May 2015, the wife of a US military member was approached in front of her home by two Middle-Eastern males. The men stated that she was the wife of a US interrogator. When she denied their claims, the men laughed. The two men left the area in a dark-colored, four-door sedan with two other Middle-Eastern males in the vehicle. The woman had observed the vehicle in the neighborhood on previous occasions.

(U//FOUO) Similar incidents in Wyoming have been reported to the FBI throughout June 2015. On numerous occasions, family members of military personnel were confronted by Middle-Eastern males in front of their homes. The males have attempted to obtain personal information about the military member and family members through intimidation. The family members have reported feeling scared.

(U//FOUO) To date, the men have not been identified and it is not known if all the incidents involve the same Middle-Eastern males. If you have any information that may assist the FBI in identifying these individuals, or reporting concerning additional incidents; in Colorado please contact the FBI Fort Collins Resident Agency at 970-663-1028, in Wyoming please contact the FBI Cheyenne Resident Agency at 307-632-6224.

(U) This report has been prepared by the DENVER Division of the FBI. Comments and queries may be addressed to the DENVER Division at 303-629-7171.

The alert is categorized as “Unclassified//FOUO” and carries this warning:

(U) Warning: This is an information report, not finally evaluated intelligence. It is being shared for informational purposes but has not been fully evaluated, integrated with other information, interpreted or analyzed. Receiving agencies are requested not to take action based on this raw reporting without prior coordination with the FBI.

(U) Note: This product reflects the views of the DENVER Division.

FOUO is For Official Use Only.

UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO is primarily a Department of Defense phrase/acronym, used for documents or products which contain material which is exempt from release under the Freedom of Information Act. It is treated as confidential, which means it cannot be discarded in the open trash, made available to the general public, or posted on an uncontrolled website.

Please help protect CODA and other bloggers who published this alert in the interest of warning and ensuring the safety of U.S. military members and their families, by re-blogging and disseminating this information on your social media.



6 responses to “FBI alert: Middle-Eastern males intimidate family members of U.S. military personnel at their homes

  1. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:
    Families of our soldier, be forewarned. This FBI alert is an U/FOUO (unclassified for official use only), which means it’s not for public consumption. Help protect FOTM and other blogs that are publishing this by disseminating the alert via email and social media. Thank you.

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  3. First the attacks on military people in the UK, Canada, Chattanooga, now there is a report that shots were fired at a group of soldiers from a moving car at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The Obama administration has responded by refusing to arm military recruiters or allow civilians to help guard military sites. They have even threatened to prosecute a Navy LCDR in Chattanooga who fired at the terrorist with a personally owned weapon.

    AND we now have threats to families of military members. This reminds me of the bad old days of the 60’s and 70’s when we were told not to put military decals on our cars, display military-related flags or other distinguishing marks on our homes and not to travel to certain areas in uniform. Some members were told to wear civvies to work, change into their uniforms when they got to work and change back before going home. In those days, of course, it was to protect military members from being attacked by violent anti-war protesters.

    Now it’s happening again with Moslem terrorists instead of communist sympathizers. Maybe we should bring some of our old M113 troop transports out of the boneyard and use them to taxi military members to work.

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