U.S. Marines subdue civilians in training exercise in Arizona public park?

In the United States, both laws (Insurrection Act of 1807 and Posse Comitatus Act of 1878) and tradition require that the U.S. military be separated from involvement with domestic politics and civilian affairs.

But an Army video has surfaced, depicting U.S. Marines subduing civilians in a training exercise in a public park in Yuma, Arizona, which is causing much consternation that the video is evidence that the Obama administration is preparing for martial law.

The video, titled “Assault Support Tactics 3,” is produced by Defense Video & Image Distribution System (DVIDS), a website operated by Third Army/U.S. Army Central (ARCENT) on behalf of the Department of the Army, and paid for by the US Department of Defense. The video was taken on April 17, 2015, in Yuma, Arizona, by U.S. Marine journalist Sgt. Daniel Kujanpaa. This is how the video is described on DVIDS:

U.S. Marines from 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division participate in assault support tactics 3 during Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course (WTI) 2-15 in Yuma, Ariz., April 18, 2015. WTI is a seven week event hosted by Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One (MAWTS-1) cadre. MAWTS-1 provides standardized tactical training and certification of unit instructor qualifications to support Marine Aviation Training and Readiness and assists in developing and employing aviation weapons and tactics.

Here is a version of the video, 02:27 minutes long, posted to YouTube, showing the Marines subduing men (crisis actors) dressed in civilian clothes, some with feigned injuries like the guy with a bloodied face at the 0:17 mark:

Note the presence of spectators with small children outside the park’s chain link fence, watching armed soldiers hunting down ordinary Americans. Here’s a screenshot I took at the 0:12 mark:

Marines assault exercise Yuma1The YouTube video is a shortened version of the original footage because the beginning of the video speeded up or rushed through the arrival of the Marines in choppers into a public park somewhere in the city of Yuma. The original 7:10 minutes-long video is posted on DVIDS.

What is interesting about the original video is that there is imagery only at the beginning, showing a chopper landing in the park and Marines talking to spectators — including small children — on the other side of the chain link fence. But after the 01:15 mark, there is no imagery for the rest of video until just before the video ends. In other words, the images of Marines subduing and hand-cuffing “civilians” were blocked.

There is, however, audio — of male voices talking, shouting, metallic clanking, a hoarse voice (at around the 05:04 mark), and the sound of machine gun fire (?) or a chopper at around the 05:45 mark. Finally, beginning at the 05:50 mark, the imagery returned — of soldiers carrying a “wounded” man on a stretcher to a waiting chopper, soldiers cleaning up, the landing of another chopper, and the deserted park at nightfall.

Go to DVIDS and verify for yourself about the censored-out imagery of Marines subduing and handcuffing crisis actors posing as civilians.

While I understand the U.S. military must train our soldiers in simulated scenarios, what is the need or rationale for a drill depicting armed soldiers subduing civilians in a public park, seen by families with small children? Why wasn’t this drill conducted on a military base or in that fake city in Virginia constructed with millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars? (See “U.S. Army builds $96m fake city in VA to train for what?”)

This “training exercise” in a public park will only add to the apprehensions about Operation Jade Helm — a 2-month Special Operations Exercise by élite members from all four branches of the U.S. military, unprecedented in its size and scope.

Update (May 28, 2015):

Please see my exchange with commentator Three Percent below.



16 responses to “U.S. Marines subdue civilians in training exercise in Arizona public park?

  1. I’m sure it has everything to do with Jade Helm 15 and how we “take” it. Do we comply like sheep or not? There will be a penalty to each of those choices.


  2. Nothing new here. Army, national Guard and Marine ground forces have been training in riot control since the 1960’s when I came on active duty. Just as we trained for emergency relief operations, floods, tornados and other potential disasters. In the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Federal and State Guard troops were used to maintain order and protect lives and property. The “civilians” playing the part of rioters and demonstrators are often off0-duty military, wives and children of military people and other civilian volunteers. All are volunteers and are trained in the parts they are to play in the simulated riot. We often used Boy Scouts, high-school students and others to play the part of wounded or demonstrators. Everything is carefully controlled so that nobody gets hurt.


  3. First of all, I am absolutely against the use of any military in public (see my previous posts on fellowshipoftheminds), however when articles misuse information and give incorrect information, it destroys the ENTIRE INTEGRITY of the report.

    “-showing the Marines subduing men (crisis actors) dressed in civilian clothes, some with feigned injuries like the guy with a bloodied face at the 0:17-”

    No one noticed the haircuts? No one noticed the camelbacks? How about the sunglasses. I can spot fellow marines from 500 yards away just on how we walk. These “crisis actors” are Marines.

    How about the 7 tons parked aside the gates, or the HMMWV’S rolling down the street in the background? What about the red tiled roof of a military building in the background?

    How about the young boy in the background wearing a USMC shirt with the eagle globe and anchor he probably got from the red-tiled building, known as a PX exchange.

    I get pissed off when liberal P’sOS lie, misdirect, and misinform, but I get even angrier when patriots do it because it gives us a black eye. Correct me if I am mistaken in my rage, but nowhere did I see this report mention Yuma, Arizona in this either.


    • Thank you, Three Percent, for noting that the men who appear to be civilians are actually Marines dressed as civilians. But then, you’re a Marine and I am not, and you will have to forgive me for not noticing the haircuts, camelbacks (whatever that means), and sunglasses. Who knew Marines wear sunglasses distinctive only to Marines? /sarc

      For the sake of argument, let me ask you this: “What difference does it make that it’s Marines pretending to be civilians? Aren’t they still crisis actors?”

      All of your points do not address why I posted the video, nor my main problem with the exercise:

      1. This video engendered much buzz and consternation on the net.
      2. Why did the commander of these Marines choose to conduct this exercise in a PUBLIC park, and appearing to subdue civilians, as in a martial law scenario? Why wasn’t this exercise conducted on a military base, or in that fake VA city that the Army built with millions of our tax dollars?


      • Just because the Marines are not in a uniform does not mean they are pretending to be civilians. What most people don’t realize is after bootcamp, infantry school, and arriving at a duty station, you typically only own what is in your seabags (large green bags) and a suitcase of clothing, most of which is uniforms. A command would not purchase any type of uniform or garment for a single training exercise, just to dispose of it or store it. Instead, the “crisis actors” used yellow glow belts (reflector belts) to identify themselves as part of the drill. It would not be an effective drill if both sides were wearing available uniform garb, such as desert MARPAT. The only other option I see of garment would be the other set of cami’s, being green, but alas, I am enlisted and not commissioned, and we all know officers act like officers and make officer decisions based on officer reasons.

        As for claiming it to be a public park, I have seen no documentation or references to this being on a public park. In fact, I know that the document references MCAS Yuma, or Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, not a public park in the city of Yuma. The children in the background appear more as Marines’ kids, even referencing the black shirt with a USMC emblem on one of them.

        As for the city in VA, I will never, ever agree with that. The Army spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their fake city, when the Marine Corps spends a few thousand on “MOUT” towns made of recycled box cars. You can google image them to see what I mean.

        I cannot tell you the precise reason for running down people and arresting them, but it is something every Marine learns through their combat course. I can tell you it is much more likely to be used than other training we do every year, like putting on a gas mask, (US has not had a gas attack since 1917 but detains thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan).

        Simply put, I don’t think all the facts are present here, so someone made them up.

        Camelbak – water source worn on back.
        Sunglasses must be all black, no mirrored lenses or colored sides, usually oakley ballistics l.


        • Kindly show me that the park in the video was indeed the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. I would certainly welcome that news.


          • Look at the full DVIDS clip. The first 3 seconds state exactly what the training is. Part of a 7 week instructor course (a course training others to train) at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. The only part of the page even remotely referencing civilians is the uninformed comment in the comment section. If you have an email, I can email you a photo of the page, as my phone will not upload them to these comments.
            The top of the page even says Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Combat Camera (an MOS or job in the Corps)

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          • I have gone through the video three times and have not seen any reference to this pertaining to a public location. I want to make it known I am in total support of posse comitatus! I support the constitution to death, but I also want to weed out the misinformation that divides the country. This excerpt and edition of a training video just hurts our cause because it was released without all of the information is all.

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          • 3%,

            We share the same concerns — for Posse Comitatus, and for truth. I never said the video claims the location to be a public park; it just looked like one to me, since I’ve never been in Marine Corps Air Station Yuma (have you?). Here’s a screenshot I took of the first 3 seconds of the video on the DVIDS site:

            You are right that above the video, it says “Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.” But it’s still your assumption, not unreasonable, that the exercise was conducted on the grounds of the Air Station, because the video doesn’t explicitly state that. Nor do I see in the first 3 seconds of the video, captured in this screen shot, that the exercise took place in the Air Station. Yes, this screenshot does show a description of the exercise, which I believe I did include in my post.

            Whatever the case, you’ve made a convincing case that:
            1. The “civilians” are actually fellow Marines playing a role.
            2. The exercise likely took place not in a public park with real civilians watching, but on the grounds of the MC Air Station Yuma.

            For that, I thank you.

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          • 3%,

            I’ve added a question mark to this post’s title, as well as an Update at the end, referring readers to our exchange.


  4. Hey, it’s no problem. I really, really meant no insult or disrespect. I can call out the alphabet agencies in the government easily, because I know the corruption in those agencies. I guess I just get touchy when it involves my brothers. Sorry! I hope to visit your blog often and maybe give some good insight.

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  5. That training location is Kiwanis Park on 885 South Magnolia Avenue at W. 8th Street in Yuma. It is just under 7 klicks NE of the base for air assets. Just Google map it and then street view it. The Marines have been running Weapons & Tactics Instructor (WTI) there for at least 6 years. http://www.yuma310.com/evacuate.htm I really wish that someone had actually investigated all of this thoroughly before assuming the Marines were up to no good. Remember their motto. They are Always Faithful to America and will die for us.


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