Iranian defector says U.S. speaks for Iran at nuclear talks

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad JavadAhmed Vahdat and Richard Spencer report for The Telegraph, March 27, 2015, that journalist Amir Hossein Motaghi, who is a close aide to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, defected while he was in Lausanne, Switzerland, covering the nuclear talks between Tehran and the West. The West’s negotiating team is comprised of the five permanent members of the UN security council and Germany.

Motaghi managed public relations for Rouhani during the latter’s election campaign for the presidency in 2013 by using social media successfully to promote the 66-year-old Rouhani to a youthful audience who overwhelmingly elected him to power.

One news website claimed Motaghi had been tipped off that he might be subject to arrest had he returned to Tehran.

Amir Hossein MotaghiAccording to Iranian news agencies, Motaghi quit his job at the Iran Student Correspondents Association (ISCA), then appeared on the opposition Irane Farda television channel based in London.

In his television interview, Mottaghi said that “The US negotiating team are mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf with other members of the 5+1 countries and convince them of a deal.”

Mottaghi also said he no longer saw any “sense” in his profession as a journalist as he could only write what he was told. “There are a number of people attending on the Iranian side at the negotiations who are said to be journalists reporting on the negotiations. But they are not journalists and their main job is to make sure that all the news fed back to Iran goes through their channels. My conscience would not allow me to carry out my profession in this manner any more.”

Motaghi is said to be a friend of Jason Rezaian, the Iranian-American reporter for the Washington Post who has been detained in Tehran, and to have campaigned privately for Rezaian’s release.



6 responses to “Iranian defector says U.S. speaks for Iran at nuclear talks

  1. We need to be very careful w/such reportage, as the modern history of Persian/Iran is rife w/interference from Britain first, followed by the UsofA.

    A close friend of mine was a specialist in Iranian oil and also a 25 year covert CIA agent, while maintaining his Iran-beneficial business there. He told me there was so much double-dealing and disinformation from the three nations most involved –the US, the USSR [at the time] and Iran– that one had to be very cautious as to any ‘certain’ statements of what was supposed to be happening and by whom.

    I doubt the situation on the ground has changed much since then, some 20 years ago. And after the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird successfully suborned the USA’s journalists and their media, we’re faced w/the same situation as Russians reading PRAVDA: the truth is there, but only if we know to read between the lines, an aphorism that has passed into history.

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    • Good advice, Joseph. Although we don’t know what really is true or not, given the gravity of what this defector asserts — that the Obama administration advocates for Iran in the Lausanne nuclear negotiations — it should be reported. The truth eventually will sort itself out.

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      • Yes, StMA you are absolutely correct: the truth will eventually sort itself out.

        The final question –and its answer is in two parts, as always– will be, firstly, is the amount of received truth enough to act upon?

        And then secondly– and most importantly– if so, will it be received in time?

        The latter is always the ultimate sticking point, the petard upon which we all depend, to rephrase Shakespeare! [See
        The above reasoning is not entirely mine; the greater part derives from my closest friend back in the mid-Nineteen Sixties.

        He was formerly a top electronics engineer at IBM, and worked on two of its floor-standing mainframe giant computers, usually ordered by the military. He was then and remains the most intelligent person I’ve ever met, and likely has an IQ of at least 160. Everything he ever told me as a prediction has come true; I realised long afterwards that what he shared was but a fraction of what he was working on at the time, as an information analyst.

        Finally, I’ll leave you with what was perhaps the single most profound forecast he made. One evening, he asked me if I knew what the most valuable commodity would be in the future. Of course I could not and did not know, and I told him so. To which he promptly answered “Information. Then knowing how to sort it out, so that you get what you need to know in time to use it.”

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  2. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:
    While it is true that Amir Motaghi is an Iranian defector and therefore has an axe to grind, given who he is — a former close aide to Iran’s president — and the nature of his accusation — that the Obama administration is acting as Iran’s mouthpiece and advocate in the ongoing nuclear negotiation — Motaghi’s assertion should be reported and noted.

    Motaghi’s accusation is also consistent with what we already know about Obama and his duplicity. See “US Intel Report Drops Iran From Terror Threat List.”

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  4. Not surprising, considering Obama’s efforts to cozy up to Iran and distance himself from Israel. He is very closely associated with active anti-Semites like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. Obama spent his formative years as the stepson of a Moslem and attended Moslem schools.
    Unfortunately, the replacement of Obama with Hillary Clinton is not likely to change the situation. She is associated with the same group of anti-Semites and has been known to make anti-Semitic remarks off the record. I’ll bet her deleted emails have a lot of prejudicial remarks, but we will never know unless some of the recipients release their copies. (unlikely, since it would reflect badly on them as well.

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