Obama admin actively recruits transgenders for the military

According to UCLA’s LGBT research think tank, the Williams Institute, only a very small minority of U.S. adults, 3.5% or 9 million Americans, identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Even fewer, 0.3%, are transgender.

Despite that, while the military’s budget is being slashed and military veterans have died while waiting interminably for a medical appointment from VA hospitals, the Pentagon is spending precious resources on a publicity effort to recruit transgenders, using as their spokesperson a transgendered former Navy SEAL, senior chief petty officer Christopher Beck who now calls “herself” Kristin Beck.

Chris-Kristin Beck

Bill Gertz reports for The Washington Times, June 26, 2014:

A former member of SEAL Team 6 has become the poster girl for a Pentagon effort to include transgenders — people who have undergone sex-change operations — in the ranks.

Kristin Beck, formerly Senior Chief Petty Officer Christopher Beck, spoke recently at several high-profile events at intelligence agencies and the Pentagon to promote the integration of transgenders. “Transgender service in the armed forces, yes it will happen soon,” she said on Twitter.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, among the most politically correct Pentagon chiefs of the past several decades, fueled the effort within the Pentagon to integrate transgenders in May when he said the policy of banning transgenders should be reviewed continually. The transgender drive is the latest element of the Obama administration’s social engineering within the U.S. military.

The Pentagon currently defines transgenders as sexual deviants.

Among Ms. Beck’s recent appearances were speeches at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office and at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, according to the DIA and her Twitter feed. She also was scheduled to speak to the Multicultural Heritage Committee at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, although one defense official said it is not clear how transgenderism fits within the multicultural spectrum.

Ms. Beck, author of “Warrior Princess,” spoke to the DIA on June 18 as part of the intelligence agency’s annual Pride Month — formerly Gay Pride Month but now expanded to include a host of sexually related terms, including transgenders. She received an award from DIA Director Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn at the event.

According to DIA’s newsletter, Ms. Beck, in her remarks, pushed for allowing transgenders in uniform. She said the Pentagon should stop defining people by external appearances and accept what they say they are on the inside. “We are all, all of us, created equal, and we all deserve equal justice,” she said, explaining how she hid her true sexual identity during her military career.

As a man, Ms. Beck was part of SEAL Teams 1, 5 and 6 and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Since sex reassignment last year, Ms. Beck has sought to promote gay, bisexual and transgender acceptance in the military.
“The world is looking at us,” Ms. Beck told the DIA. “You can change the wallpaper, but I’m still right here. I can still do the job I was doing in uniform.”
The DIA said its event was designed to promote education and diversity in the workplace.

A Pentagon official critical of the sexual-diversity campaign said it was a waste of money.

“Who’s paying for this?” the official asked. “Especially in these trying fiscal times with reduction-in-force boards, selective early retirement boards and early terminations for our enlisted ranks, someone is wasting money by mainstreaming a transgendered veteran?”

Ms. Beck said she is not “pushing” for transgender integration in the military. “I am speaking about being a ‘human’ and the value of people in the armed forces,” she stated in an email.

The military is looking at allowing transgenders in the military and “I am giving them correct information instead of stereotypes and misguided information of the past,” Ms. Beck said, adding that 13 nations permit transgenders in their armed forces.

Many of the speeches were not paid appearances, although travel expenses were reimbursed, Ms. Beck said.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, said the Pentagon’s push to promote transgenders in the military is the latest effort by President Obama to deliver on political promises to special interest groups.

“Before President Obama imposes another extreme element of LGBT law, he should consider the consequences for the majority of men and women in uniform,” Ms. Donnelly said. “They should not be forced to participate in an unprecedented social experiment that does nothing to strengthen our military.”



8 responses to “Obama admin actively recruits transgenders for the military

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  4. Just one question-what about barracks (showers, toilets, sleeping…)? Will an attempt be made to make everything unisex?


  5. Should more “friendly fire” in the line of duty become the result? Massive loss of morale and widespread ineffectiveness in the military will become the order of the day resulting from this misguided policy. The nation in the future is opening itself up to the danger of the military eventually running a coup on the presidency and the congress because the people elected there are insane and behave like enemies of the nation. Incidentally, most of the people electing these brainless, spineless, morally bankrupt politicians are morally worthless & bankrupt of common sense too . Its time too enact a nationwide draft, its the only way to bring order. When everyone’s kids are in harm’s way this foolishness of using the military for political and social engineering guinea pigs will end abruptly.

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    • Ummm, no friendly fire should ever be a desired result of anything, there is less chance of a “coup” in America than in basically any other country on Earth as the very idea is anathema to our officer corps and always has been, and the draft is anti-liberty and is a fundamentally un-Constitutional/un-American concept that should never exist.


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