Japan will intercept North Korean missiles

Sea of Japan

The already tense relations between Japan and North Korea are ratcheting up after Pyongyang recently fired off two Rodong medium-range missiles.

Nobuhiro Kubo reports for Reuters, April 5, 2014, that Japan’s Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera issued an order that Japan will strike any North Korean ballistic missile that threatens to hit Japan in the coming weeks.

According to an anonymous Japanese government source, Onodera’s order took effect on April 3 and runs through April 25, the anniversary of the founding of North Korea’s army.

“To prepare for any additional missile launches,” a destroyer was dispatched to the Sea of Japan and will fire if North Korea launches a missile that Tokyo deems in danger of striking or falling on Japanese territory, the source said.

Tensions have been building between North Korea and its neighbors since Pyongyang – in an apparent show of defiance – fired two Rodong missiles on March 26, just as the leaders of Japan, South Korea and the United States were sitting down to discuss containing the North Korean nuclear threat.

That first firing in four years of mid-range missiles that can hit Japan followed a series of short-range rocket launches over the past two months. The Rodong ballistic missiles fell into the sea after flying 400 miles.

Since then, North Korea has rattled sabres by firing artillery rounds into South Korean waters, prompting the South to fire back; South Korea has test-fired a new ballistic missile with a range of 310 miles; and Pyongyang has threatened an unspecified “new form” of nuclear test.

At the same time, Japan and North Korea resumed talks – suspended since Pyongyang test-launched a long-range missile more than a year ago – over the North’s nuclear and missile programs, as well as the fate of Japanese abducted in the 1970s and 1980s to help train North Korean spies.

Onodera has avoided publicly announcing the new missile-intercept order so as not to put a chill on those talks. He also did not deploy Patriot missile batteries that would be the last line of defense against incoming warheads, the source told Reuters.

Japanese Aegis destroyers in the Sea of Japan are equipped with advanced radar equipment able to track multiple targets and carry missiles designed to take out targets at the edge of space.



5 responses to “Japan will intercept North Korean missiles

  1. Good news. Finally somebody is willing to stand up to the lunatics in Pyong Yang. Maybe Obama and Kerry will get some backbone. (Don’t hold your breath)


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  3. Thank you StMA for this amazing post. It appears that war could be imminent between North Korea and Japan. We live in very dangerous and tenuous times.


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