Obama pledges $1 billion to Ukraine in violation of Foreign Assistance Act of 1961

Obama vs. Putin

The Washington Post reports on March 4, 2014, that the Obama administration’s pledge of a $1 BILLION aid package for Ukraine has bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Christopher Murphy (D-Conn.), a member of the Senate panel who visited Ukraine in December to meet with opposition figures, said that a proposal combining aid to Ukraine with sanctions against Russian officials “will enjoy broad Democratic and Republican support on the committee.”

Leaving aside the facts that the United States has a national debt more than $17½ TRILLION (more than 108% of America’s GDP) and that the Obama administration wants to reduce the size of the U.S. military to pre-WWII levels due to budget constraints, there is another problem with the proposed $1 BILLION “aid” gift to Ukraine:

It violates a U.S. law, specifically the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.

From Voice of Russia, March 11, 2014:

The Russian Foreign Ministry said […] the plans of the US administration to allocate $1 billion to the current authorities in Kiev contradict existing US laws.

‘Indeed, in accordance with the amendments made several years ago to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961,’ it is banned to provide financial aide to the government of any country, whose president elected legitimately has been overthrown as a result of a military coup or unlawful decision, the statement said.

This standard is stipulated in the section 22 paragraph 8422 of the US law code, ‘thus under all criteria allocating funds to the illegitimate regime, which seized the power with force, is illegal and is outside the framework of the US legal system,’ the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Indeed, the lawfully elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown by a mass insurrection, the Euromaidan, which began as protests in November 2013, after Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union, describing it as disadvantageous to Ukraine. The protesters called for the resignation of Yanukovych and his government. Violence escalated after January 16, 2014, when the government accepted Bondarenko-Oliynyk laws, also known as anti-protest laws. Anti-government demonstrators occupied government buildings in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev. The protests turned into violent riots, which left 98 dead and thousands injured. Opposition members of Parliament moved to vote to impeach Yanukovych; the speaker of Ukraine’s parliament resigned; most of the government’s ministers disappeared; and President Yanukovych himself fled the country.

It is most ironic that the formerly communist Russia is the one to remind the U.S., which prides itself on its “rule of law,” that the $1 BILLION aid to Ukraine violates U.S. law.



11 responses to “Obama pledges $1 billion to Ukraine in violation of Foreign Assistance Act of 1961

  1. A. James Gregor, Ph.D. & Professor

    The principal question is whether the transfer of one billion dollars to Ukraine will make any difference whatever in the parallelogram of forces operative in the region. The funds will buy Kiev very little economic or military security. In terms of military security, Russian forces are so overwhelming that there is nothing in the short-term that the United States can do. A serious response requires an alliance of confront-ready nations that would give Moscow pause. That is nowhere on the horizon. Not only does the present gesture violate our national law, it reinforces the impression that Washington really has no arrows in its quiver.


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    The plain truth is the U.S. government is broke. Our OFFICIAL $17+ trillion national debt is now an alarming 108% of our gross national product. And yet Obama and both parties in Congress want to give $1 billion to Ukraine, which will not only be money down the drain, but is also in violation of our own law!


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    Connect the dots, people, connect the dots.


  5. Thank you StMA for this important post. The king of America doesn’t care about the rule of law. He does what he wants because he is really a king. I also appreciate Dr. Gregor’s analysis of this world situation, which makes perfect sense and is entirely logical.


  6. Of course our government should not send $1billion or $1 to Ukraine, but the reason is not that it is supposedly agaisnt the law cited in the article, but because it is unConstitutional to do so. There is no enumeration of any power delegated to the federal government to give away foreign aid money. However, to use the words from the article, a “mass insurrection” is certainly not a “military coup” and if it is the expression of the majority of the Ukrainian people it also is not an “unlawful decision” (which in any event sounds to me to more likely be a proscription against some governmental judicial action rather than a popular uprising).


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