Russian parliament simplifies annexation of new territories in move to take over Crimea

Russian Invasion of Crimea

On Feb. 28, 2014, as Russian troops reportedly crossed over the Russian border into Ukraine’s Crimea, a bill was introduced in the Russian parliament to simplify the annexation of new territories in what will be widely interpreted as a signal that Moscow may be planning to gain control over Ukraine’s mainly ethnic Russian-populated region of Crimea.

RIA Novosti, reports that the legislation comes as Russian troops reportedly blockaded an airport in the Crimean city of Sevastopol in what Ukraine’s acting interior minister, Arsen Avakov, has described as an armed invasion.

Under the bill, authored by the Kremlin-loyal opposition party A Just Russia, the decision on the accession of a part of a foreign state to Russia should be taken through a referendum.

“There have been cases in international practice when a part of a state joined another state without an international treaty being signed. Moreover, international law does not require the conclusion of such a treaty with a foreign state,” the lawmakers said.

Its authors said the legislation, which comes amid political turmoil in Ukraine, stems from Russia’s obligations under a friendship agreement signed in 1997, under which Russia and Ukraine had agreed to take measures aimed at preventing actions inciting violence against groups of citizens over national, ethnic or religious intolerance.

The A Just Russia party also introduced another bill Friday easing the procedure for granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainians. Russia’s lower house of parliament will consider the legislation on March 11, said Vladimir Pligin, chairman of the parliament’s constitution and state affairs committee.

In recent days, a series of pro-Russia demonstrations have taken place across Crimea. Protesters have said at those gatherings that they do not recognize the current government in Kiev and have called for Russian intervention.

Crimea was part of Russia until 1954, when it was transferred to the Ukrainian republic within the Soviet Union. Russia has a large naval base on the peninsula for which it recently extended a lease until 2042.

Meanwhile, Time magazine reporter Zeke Miller tweeted today that Obama skipped a meeting of the White House national security team to receive an update on the situation in Ukraine and discuss potential policy options.


5 responses to “Russian parliament simplifies annexation of new territories in move to take over Crimea

  1. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:
    6,000 Russian troops have invaded Ukraine’s Crimea. The Russian parliament has a bill to simplify the annexation of new territories, preparing the way for Russia to take over Crimea.

    Meanwhile, although the CIA and NATO reportedly had funded and encouraged the massive protests in Ukraine which brought about the crisis that brought down its government, leading to Russia’s armed intervention, Obama skipped the meeting of the White House national security team on what to do about Ukraine.

    Just Standard Operating Procedure from President Lucifer.


  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. I am not at all surprised about the king’s absence. It is to be expected in light of the circumstances.


  3. Yanka kovalevska

    When America go to Iran and any other country miles away from America and. withouth any yAmericans leaving there it is ok for all world but when Russia goes to protect russian citizens in their nearest neighborhood all word is crying and hold them responsible for the mess created by Americans in Ukraine?!! Shame on you America Ynka kovalevska


    • Yanka,

      I’m one American who agrees with you and who isn’t “crying” over Crimea. The Obama administration and the EU funded and orchestrated the Ukrainian protests, and should be held responsible for the deaths of protesters who were killed and for what is happening to and will happen to Ukraine.


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