China begins mass production of J-15 fighter planes for aircraft carrier

Shenyang J-15 fighter aircraftShenyang J-15 fighter aircraft

Charles Kang and Lilian Wu report for the Republic of China on Taiwan’s Central News Agency, Dec. 3, 2013, that mass production reportedly has begun on China’s Shenyang J-15, a carrier-based fighter jet, in a move that indicates Beijing has started picking up the pace in training and development for its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.

China’s CCTV and the Chinese-language Global Times, both giant state-run media outlets, reported Tuesday that Shenyang Aircraft Corp. has already begun “handing (the planes) over to the military.” Neither outlet gave specifics on the number of fighters produced.

The news comes shortly after China drew global concern by declaring a broad air defense and information zone in the East China Sea.

The Global Times was defiant on the matter of what the world thinks of China: “The mass production and delivery of J-15 jets not only breaks apart the slander and doubt of some foreign media, it also serves to further boost the progress and level of training for the Liaoning.”

Reportedly, the J-15 is sea-grey color, with the flag of the People’s Liberation Army Navy behind the cabin and a flying shark painted on its rear wing. The nose art and tail are said to feature its official designation. That description differs from the yellow-painted test planes previously spotted landing on the Liaoning.

Song Zhongping, a Beijing-based commentator on military affairs, said that the repainting means the fighters are in service and battle-ready: “They’re pretty much ready. The J-15 (crew) has already completed its training and has begun shifting to a formal force.”

Here’s a video of J-15:

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3 responses to “China begins mass production of J-15 fighter planes for aircraft carrier

  1. Nice wishful thinking by the Chinese fanbois. However, a coat of gray paint does not an operationally-ready jet make. Note that the aircraft shown taking off from Laioning (BORT 554) still has flight test markings (the black and white circles). More importantly, it is just aircraft 554, one of the several known flight test prototypes, along with another known flight test prototype (BORT 555) shown on flightline display, with new gray paint jobs. No big whoop.


  2. Ah, those Su-27 Flanker (well, Su-33 Flanker-D) derivatives…


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