Chinese H-18 stealth bomber’s nuclear weapons can reach Guam

2400 mi radius of Guam2,400-mile radius of Guam

More bellicose rhetoric from the People’s Republic of China.

The island of Guam, the largest of the Mariana Islands, is an unincorporated territory of the United States in the western Pacific.

U.S. military bases cover approximately 39,000 acres or 29% of the island’s total land area. Guam is currently viewed as a key military hub that will further allow U.S. military power to be projected via sea and sky. The U.S. military has proposed to build a new aircraft carrier berth on Guam and to move 8,600 Marines, and 9,000 of their dependents, to Guam from Okinawa, Japan.

China's H-18 stealth bomberChina’s H-18 stealth bomber

Citing its source (but without a link to the source) as an article in the Chinese-language Huanqiu (环球网 or Global Network), the Chinese-language edition of Global Times, Chan Kai Yee provides the following translation (in italics below) for China Daily Mail of Nov. 14, 2013:


Note: Huanqiu clearly is a Chinese government publication. From Huanqiu‘s Introduction or About page:

“ was established in November 2007 under the approval of People’s Daily and the [Chinese government’s] State Council Information Office, with investments from both and Global Times.”


An US military photo website carries a report on China’s plan to build the H-18 stealth bomber, which is a stealth fighterbomber instead of a strategic bomber.

The bomber is 28 to 30 meters [92 to 98 ft.] long, much smaller than the US B-1B’s 44 meters [144 ft] length.

According to foreign military fans’ speculation, the H-18 has a range of 8,000 to 9,000 km [4970 to 5592 miles] and a maximum combat radius of 3,500 to 3,700 km [2175 to 2299 miles], a speed of Mach 2 and a load of weapons of 12 to 15 tons.

It has an inside weapon cabin 8 meters [26 ft] long for 72 100kg [220 lb] Leishi small precision-guided bombs or 4 Changjian-10A cruise missiles that may carry out tactical or nuclear attack at Guam.

It may also carry 4 Yingji-12 supersonic anti-ship missiles or 4 Jingji-100 super long-range anti-ship missiles to destroy an aircraft carrier.

It has adopted lots of stealth technology to become the world’s first stealth fighter-bomber and stealth supersonic bomber.

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8 responses to “Chinese H-18 stealth bomber’s nuclear weapons can reach Guam

  1. Sheesh, more opium-induced hallucinations of Sino-fanbois.


  2. Hes, the PRC has missiles and bombers capable of sinking an aircraft carrier. So do some 30-40 nations around the world. The question is whether they can HIT a USN carrier at sea. Jim would know more about that than i would.

    But if the PRC does sink a US aircraft carrier, Beijing and a dozen other Chinese cities will be radioactive rubble within 12-24 hours. Even Obama would have to retaliate.


  3. What about NY , LA , SFC? Sunny blue skies!


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