Syrian Muslims infected with Kuru, a disease of cannibals

You’ve heard of Mad Cow Disease, the scientific name of which is bovine spongiform encephalopathy — a type of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs).

TSE is an incurable fatal disease that affects the brain and nervous system of many animals, including humans. Autopsies of infected brain tissue show a myriad of tiny holes in the cortex, giving it a sponge-like appearance — hence spongiform.  (See below)

spongy TSE-infected brain tissueThe disorder causes impairment of brain and bodily functions, including memory changes, personality changes, and problems with movement (shaking, trembling) that worsen over time.

Like all TSEs, the bovine variant is transmitted via prions (a type of protein) instead of via bacteria or viruses. The prions come from the brain or neural tissue of a TSE-infected cow which was ingested by another cow. The corporate meat industry actually mix cow tissue in the food that’s fed to cows. Yuck!

When humans eat TSE-infected beef, they develop a type of TSE called Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease.

But there is another form of human TSE called Kuru that is caused by humans ingesting TSE-infected human tissue. In other words, Kuru is the result of cannibalism.

Kuru was first identified in 1961 among the Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea. Research suggested that the epidemic may have originated around 1900 from a single individual who lived on the edge of Fore territory and who is thought to have spontaneously developed some form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. From that infected individual, Kuru spread easily and rapidly in the Fore people due to their endocannibalistic funeral practices, in which relatives consumed the bodies of their dead, especially the brain tissue where prions are concentrated,  to return the “life force” of the deceased to the hamlet. By the mid-1960s, Kuru was in decline among the Fore due to Australian colonial law forbidding cannibalism, as well as the efforts of local Christian missionaries. But cases continued to appear for several more decades because the mean incubation (asymptomatic) phase of the disease is 14 years after initial exposure, although cases were reported with latencies of 40 years or more. The clinical (symptomatic) phase of the disease lasts an average of 12 months, before the infected person dies.

The last sufferer in Papua New Guinea died in 2005. Little did the world know that Kuru would make its reappearance thousands of miles from Papua New Guinea — among Muslim “rebels” in civil war-torn Syria.

In April of this year, Time magazine obtained a video that had been smuggled out of Syria by a “rebel fighter.” Aryn Baker writes for Time magazine, May 12, 2013:

In the video a man who is believed to be a rebel commander named Khalid al-Hamad, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Sakkar, bends over the government soldier, knife in hand. With his right hand he moves what appears to be the dead man’s heart onto a flat piece of wood or metal lying across the body. With his left hand he pulls what appears to be a lung across the open cavity in the man’s chest. According to two of Abu Sakkar’s fellow rebels, who said they were present at the scene, Abu Sakkar had cut the organs out of the man’s body. The man believed to be Abu Sakkar then works his knife through the flesh of the dead man’s torso before he stands to face the camera, holding an organ in each hand. “I swear we will eat from your hearts and livers, you dogs of Bashar,” he says, referring to supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Off camera, a small crowd can be heard calling out “Allahu akbar” — God is great. Then the man raises one of the bloodied organs to his lips and starts to tear off a chunk with his teeth.

Two TIME reporters first saw the video in April in the presence of several of Abu Sakkar’s fighters and supporters, including his brother. They all said the video was authentic. We later obtained a copy. […] These 27 seconds of footage provide a glimpse at how brutal the Syrian war has become….

Walid Theodore Shoebat, a former member of the radical Muslim Brotherhood but now a truth-telling peace activist, writes in his blog that Kuru has been found in 8 to 20 people in war-torn Syria, and the only way it could have come about, doctors confirmed, is through cannibalism and the consumption of human brain, as first reported by Arabian news source Zaman al-Wasal and substantiated by Orient News Television.

Two of the infected were sent from Syria to a hospital in Ghazi Antab in Turkey for further examination, then transferred to another hospital in Germany. One of the two was confirmed to have eaten human flesh, and he eventually died.

Shoebad has written extensively on Islamic cannibalism, which can be found here, here, here, and here.

The asymptomatic incubation phase of Kuru is between 5 to 20 years following initial exposure, with the average being 12 years. But the Syrian civil war began in 2011. This suggests that the Kuru of the infected Syrian men would have been transmitted BEFORE the civil war.

Such is the Religion of Peace!


34 responses to “Syrian Muslims infected with Kuru, a disease of cannibals

  1. Remember, it’s more accurate to say they call it the “Religion of Submission,” which I think is supposed to be a reference to submission to the will of Allah. I say if it’s the Moon God’s will (i.e., Satan’s will) that some of his followers give themselves kuru, then who am I to argue?


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    All well and good but… If the government withholds food as means of a weapon, I fully intend to butcher and consume, the government troopers as opportunity avails itself. Maybe a little extra to make some jerky, that will not spoil easily. Jokingly I say, “With Fava beans and a nice Cianti”. Seriously I say, consume meat that is well cooked and avoid blood that is not boiled or brain tissue. One human can feed many people if food is withheld as a weapon against the people. I knew someone that resorted to this during the Korean War when the North Korean Army starved the citizenry as means of using food as a weapon.


  3. Kuru (BSE) (TSE) is spread by prions which live in the spinal cord and brain tissues of some animals, including man. AFAIK, Islam does not practice the eating of human brains or any other human tissue. So ascribing the outbreak to Islam is absurd. Middle Eastern countries, howver, do eat cow, sheep and goat brains, usually as a part of a soup or stew. This could very well be the source of the infections. As Dr. C. notes, the incubation period is 5-20 years. I recall a freind who was working in an Arab country and was the guest of honour at a dinner where a stew made of sheeps heads was the main course. As the guest of honour, he was given the sheep’s eyes in his stew plate.

    Consumption of cow brains is also common in Mexico and the American West. I have eaten them myself, bought from a supermarket in Salt Lake City in the 1960’s. Before “Mad Cow Disease” was well known, “brains and eggs” ws a traditional breakfast in cattle country, going back over a century. It was usually cow brains but sometimes sheep or other food animals. It should be noted that the wild form of BSE is mostly found in sheep where it is called “scrapie.” The original MCD outbreak in Britain was traced to sheep carcasses being used to make bone meal which was fed to cows. They eat a lot of lamb in the Middle East so it is most likely the Syrian outbreak came from infected sheep

    FWIW, “Ox Tails” and “Ox Tail Soup” also contains spinal cord tissue and could be a source of infection. I don’t eat that any more either.

    Sorry to ruin a perfectly good theory, but the Moslems are not coming to eat your brains. They may slit your throats, but will not eat you unless they are starving. Are there Arab zombies out there?


    • “Sorry to ruin a perfectly good theory, but the Moslems are not coming to eat your brains. They may slit your throats, but will not eat you unless they are starving.”

      Dick, has anyone advanced that “theory”? Was it anywhere in my post? I really don’t appreciate you putting words in my mouth that I didn’t write.

      You also completely ignored the video of the Syrian “rebel” carving out and ingesting the heart of his enemy. That’s from Time magazine.


    • True, but then again bodily fluids are bodily fluids… they eat people, they get “mad human disease,” too.


  4. Sorry, StMA. You were not the target of that remark. My comment should have been addressed to Brittius who obviously did not understand the article. I forgot to mention that normal cooking will not destroy prions. Contaminated tissue must be destroyed by burning, it cannot be decontaminated and remain edible.

    As for the rebel carving out organs, that is a frequent type of ritual mutilation in very savage wars. It has been reported in many wars in many parts of the world, it is far from unique to Islam.


    • Thanks, Dick, for the clarification. I suggest that, in the future, if you’re responding to a particular commenter, that you click the word “reply” to the right of the commenter’s name/alias.

      Nowhere in my post did I say that carving out the organs of enemies is unique to Islam. The post, however, is about Syrian Muslims infected with Kuru, which is the human form of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, unique to cannibals. Walid Shoebat’s article did not say those Syrians were infected with Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease, which is caused by humans ingesting “mad” cows.

      You also ignored the part about the Syrian rebel leader not just carving out the heart of his enemy, but also eating it. Did you not watch the video?


      • OK, i will be direct this time. I did see the part about eating enemy body parts, but, again, this is a form of ritual mutilation and cannibalism for the purpose of disgracing your enemy.

        As far as the Kuru, KJD, BSE, TSE, CWD and MCD, I am not sure that the doctors on the scene in Germany were able to make the distinction. The only source I could find was ffrom a Saudi news agen cy, which did not qupote the German doctors directly. I don’t think the avearge hospital can distinguis between Kurou (human) and scrapie (sheep) in a clinical setting. The disease process is very iimilar and I would need more than one case to make a firm diagnosis. All of these diseases are very rare in humans and I think it would take a very detailed autopsy and sophisticated protein analysis to distinguish among them.

        Scrapie has been reported among sheep from a number of countries, Including the USA, Iceland, Britain, Cyprprus, India and a number of European countries. . It seems to be the most common form of TSE, so I consider it the likely source of the Syrian infections, based on what I know of Arab diets.

        The cited paper is heavy going for a non-biologist, but it does indicate that scrapie is pretty widespread among sheep-raising areas. And, as you yourself pointed out, the rebvellion in Syria has nbeen going on for less than three years, so the TSE cases cannot be related to it as the incubation period ranges from 5-20 years.


    • True, they did that a lot in Liberia… not that life expectancy is really long enough there to see the Kuru-type effects.


  5. Can we not thank Bill Clinton who reduced the number of inspectors in the meat packing plants? Since 1998 the outbreaks of food borne diseases in the USA (and perhaps other places that import our meat products) has increased. GWB did nothing to increase the number of inspectors though he had 8 years to do so. Do they really care about people???


  6. The meaning of the term “Allah Akbar” is “Our God is Greater.” That is from a preacher from Lebanon whose family left the Muslims for the U.S. in 1962.


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  8. It doesn’t look to me like the man in the video ate the organ – merely raised it to his face as if he were going to. Anyway, farmers in the U.S. used everything when they slaughtered animals for food. My grandparents ate scrambled eggs and brains often (in Texas) and continued the practice in California when they could find brains for sale. Of course, they never fed their cows other cows and the meat was healthy, unlike ours today. We get more chemicals like growth hormone, antibiotics and insecticides than we do protein.


    • Thanks, Pat. Glad to know I am not the Lone Ranger on the issue. BSE in England was traced to the practive of rendering sheep scraps, including brains to cows;. The type of BSE called “scrapie” is endemic in many countries i n Europe and the Middle East. It appears to spread naturally from sheep to sheep and goats. But the contagion from sheep to cows doesn’t seem to occur in nature. There is another similar TSE called “Chronic Wasting Disease” that occurs in North American deer. This one does seem to spread from deer to deer like scrapie spreads from sheep to sheep and may be related. Most urban and suburban Americans and Europeans do not eat animal brains, but it is Quite common in the Middle East.


  9. If cows were permitted to graze at pasture, as nature intended, instead of being given “feed”, then there would have never been Mad Cow disease.
    Know where your food comes from, and how it was raised and farmed.


  10. Reblogged this on The Outrider and commented:
    Insh Allah. LMAO


  11. That is pretty disgusting


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  15. The BBC interviewed ‘the cannibal’:
    He has recently been spotted very near the border with Turkey, busy fighting Armenian Christians. Reminding those people of the genocide in 1915.


    • Thank you, Frans, for the BBC link and for providing confirming of Syrian Muslim cannibalism to the doubting commenters on CODA.


      • Let me make this perfectly clear. I am NOT denying that cannibalism, ritual or otherwise, has occurred in Syria. Nor am I trying to tie ritual cannibalism to Islam in any of its forms. My objection was to the allegation that eating human bodies by Syrian rebels would produce a clinical case of Kuru in the time period involved. It just doesn’t work that way biologically.


  16. These infected men were the Islamofascist who were eating the brains, the hearts of their murder victims, an occult rite to derive the power from the killings. Then, the story makes sense.

    To call these men “Muslims” is misleading. Muslims do not commit these heinous acts. These men are followers of the occult-based Islamofascism, probably indoctrinated in places like Saudi Arabia, Libya, the Maghreb. Followers of the Kaballah. They are heretics.


  17. followers of the kabbalah? with that being a jewish tradition, definitely need the source of your claim.


  18. Your best bet to remove this disease is to remove Islam from the planet. It is only this so called religion that this stuff is allow except maybe a few tribesmen in Africa. Kill them all and let Allah sort out the good ones from the bad ones.


  19. They are NOT MUSLIMS, but Talmud-thaught Wahabis, that is – zio-pharisees. They are disgrace for Muslims.


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