Al-Shabab jihadists recruit Somali youth in Minnesota

People scramble for safety as armed police hunt gunmen who went on a shooting spree at Westgate shopping centre in NairobiPeople scrambling for safety during Al-Shabab’s attack in Nairobi shopping mall

Al-Shabab is the militant Muslim group responsible for the horrific massacre of 72 people at a Nairobi shopping mall in Kenya on Sept. 22, 2013. (See “Al-Shabab: Jihadist terrorists who attacked a Nairobi shopping mall,” Sept. 24, 2013.)

Although Somali immigrants are one of the ethnic groups who altogether account for only 3% of the population of the state of Minnesota, that is small comfort because Al-Shabab is finding recruits among Minneosta’s young Somali men.

Brian Padden reports from Minneapolis for Voice of America, Sept. 30, 3013:

Hashim Yonis has embraced life in America and is running for the post of Park Board and Recreation Commissioner in Minneapolis.  And he is mentoring other young Somali men to help them overcome a sense of alienation that many in his generation feel.

“My generation, I call them the lost generation.  They are not part of the traditional Somalia. They are not part of, 100 percent, so they basically have their one foot on the America side, the Western side and the other one back home,” said Yonis.

Many young Somali men are the children of refugees who fled the long civil war in their country and are having difficulty assimilating into American life.  Some drop out of school, can’t find a job or get involved in gangs.

Nimco Ahmed, a Somali activist who works for the Minneapolis City Council, says the war and resettlement has fractured the traditional family structure.

“Most of our fathers are either not here or not in the country or dead pretty much.  So not having a father figure for boys has been a struggle for us.  And it is still a struggle for us,” said Ahmed.

Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia in 2007 was viewed by some Somalis as a violation of Somali sovereignty even though the troops intervened at the request of the transitional Somali government and with the backing of the African Union and the U.S.

Using a mixture of religion, nationalism and what some say is deception, the Islamist militant group al-Shabab has recruited at least 20 Somali-Americans to fight against foreign troops in Somalia.

Hussein Egal voices a minority opinion in the Somali community about the intentions of those who joined al Shabab were admirable. “So we are not talking about the root cause, what caused these people to go back, ostensibly to defend the dignity and the sovereignty of a nation that is being destroyed,” he said.

But the majority opinion is that al-Shabab manipulates disaffected youth.  Yonis and other leaders are trying to counter the appeal of terrorist groups abroad by advocating for improved education and opportunities to allow more Somalis to better integrate into American society.

11 responses to “Al-Shabab jihadists recruit Somali youth in Minnesota

  1. My concern is that those Somalis living in Minnesota and who are potential
    al-Shabab recruits might be inclined to revisit the attack in Nairobi on the
    Mall of America. Unfortunately, one representative from Minnesota, Keith
    Ellison is a Muslim who swore his congressional oath on the Koran which
    endorses the principle of taquiyya. Americans must beware. There are
    foxes in the hen house.


  2. That is one piece of democrap we need out of the den of corruption. D.C. is becoming the pit of tyranny and terrorists and the sheeple are turning a blind eye to it. Where are the Constitutional Sheriffs and why are they not stopping these terrorist recruitments in their state.


  3. This is terrible news for America. Right after 9-11-2001 such actions would have brought in FBI attention to protect the innocent from these terrorists. Now, under the current president, muslim terrorists have a friend in the white house.


  4. Indeed, this is happening because our current king will not stop it from happening, just as Trail Dust has stated. This is frightening in every respect.


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