Taiwan denies plan to retire all Knox-class warships

Question for the military members of CODA:

What are the differences and comparative advantages of Knox-class versus Perry-class warships? — specifically for Taiwan vis-à-vis China?

Knox-class frigateKnox-class frigate USS Robert E. Peary

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports (via GlobalSecurity.org) that yesterday, Oct. 10, 2013, the Republic of China on Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) on Friday denied a report in the latest edition of China Times Weekly that Taiwan’s Navy plans to cut the number of frigates by six to cut costs.

Quoting unnamed sources, the weekly said the Navy is planning to replace the entire fleet of eight Knox-class frigates with just two Perry-class warships, which it said will be delivered in mid-2014. The Perry-class frigates being sold to Taiwan are ‘hot ships’ being decommissioned by the U.S. Navy, according to the report.

Perry-class warshipPerry-class frigate USS Oliver Hazard Perry

Calling the report “pure speculation and untrue,” the MND nevertheless confirmed plans that two U.S.-made Knox-class frigates will be replaced by two Perry-class frigates that Taiwan is in the process of acquiring from the United States. The crews of the two Knox-class frigates will be transferred to the Perry-class vessels, the MND said, without elaborating.

Also denying that it was planning to downgrade the tri-service headquarters, the MND said a task force is expected to complete its planning on Taiwan’s future force structure next March based on its assessment of threats, available resources, and the military development of relevant countries.


4 responses to “Taiwan denies plan to retire all Knox-class warships

  1. The Perry class is basically an upgraded Knox class with better electronics, a better damage control system and more missile capability. The Perry class Frigates on US service are being phased out. The Knox class has already been phased out of US service. Knox class frigates have been sold to Allied Navies, such as Turkey, Mexico and Egypt. Replacing the Knox class one-on one with Perry class would be an upgrade for the ROC Navy, but not a substantial increase in capabilities. The Phillippines has exprssed interst in buying Knox class or Perry class and might buy the Knox class ships being phased out of the ROC Navy.


  2. there are days when you wish Curtis LeMay was around….


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