Chinese flotilla enters Senkaku perimeter

Chinese flotilla enters Senkakus perimeter on anniversary of ‘nationalization’ by Japan, September 11, 2013

Seven Chinese maritime police vessels simultaneously sailed into the 12 nautical mile perimeter of the Senkakus Islands on Sept. 9.

The confrontation was on the eve of the one year anniversary of Japan’s “nationalization” of the Senkakus which took place Sept. 10, 2012.

This marked the 59th time within one year that the Chinese government vessels intruded the 12 nm perimeter, an international legal definition of “sovereign waters.”

But an incursion by a large flotilla of Chinese ships such as this has been rare.

The Japanese government protested to the Chinese government over the incident but Beijing refused to accept the message.

Instead, the Chinese media publicized the incident as a show of Chinese resolve to challenge Japan’s right to the islands.


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